Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

Case # 1
Patient diagnosed:

  1. PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity (Ascending Postural Distortional Pattern)
  2. Category I, Pattern I Sacral Occipital (SO) Subluxation (Descending Postural Distortional Pattern)

Gait Analysis

At Foot Flat (See Frames 1 above)

  • The Left STJ is pronated
  • The Right STJ is supinated

At Midstance (See Frames 2 above)

  • Both Right and Left Subtalar Joints are pronated

Case # 2
Patient diagnosed:

  1. Rothbarts Foot (Ascending Postural Distortion Pattern)
  2. Left Atlas Laterality/Divergence (Descending Postural Distortion Pattern)

Gait Changes associated with different diagnoses

Gait Analysis

At Foot Flat (See Foot Flat Frames above)

  • The left foot is congruous
  • The right foot is supinated

At Midstance (See Midstance Frames above)

  • The left foot is pronated
  • The right foot is pronated
  • Pronation pattern - right  > left

Treadmill Analysis - Mixed Postural Distortional Pattern