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Nadal's biomechanics on the tennis court:  His mechanics are torsional, very typical of the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.  

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26 year old Rafael Nadal  is currently one of the top tennis players, currently (November 23rd, 2012) rated number four in the world. However, that will change if his torsional mechanics continues to be ignored.

Nadal has had a long history of knee probems.  Recently he suffered from what was reported as a 'Chair Injury'. Yes, you read that right. Nadal's heavily strapped knee is the result of a chair related injury. According to the Spaniard, he was sitting down and when he rose from the chair he heard a crack in his knee followed by pain that limited how he could move his knee.

Nadal's knee problems are random and becoming more frequent. So far, all therapy has been directed towards controlling the pain and treating the knee directly.  Apparently, no effort has been, or is being made to determine the cause of his continual knee problems.

Tennis - Rafael Nadal

Published November 23rd, 2012

In spite of his torsional mechanics, Nadal has reached a very high level of performance, execution and power in his tennis game.  However, I predict that his days are very numbered as a competitive tennis player unless the source of his torsional mechanics is directly treated.