• Abnormal pronation:  right foot > left foot
  • Anterior rotation of the innominate bones:  right > left
  • The right acetabulum is more cephalad and posterior compared to the left acetabulum
  • The right leg appears shorter when supine
  • Both knees hyperextended, right > left
  • Standing, the pelvis tilts to the right
  • This can result in a right thoracic, left lumbar scoliotic curve (See Spinal Study published 2013)

Short Leg Syndrome aka Functional Leg Length Discrepancy ‚Äč

  1. Short Leg Syndrome is a Symptom of either an ascending or descending postural distortion pattern.

Revised July 14, 2019

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Short Leg Syndrome resulting from a pure ascending postural distortion pattern (published study 2006)

       Rothbart BA 2006. Relationship of Functional Leg-Length Discrepancy to Abnormal Pronation. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association; 96(6):499-507