Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles


‚ÄčImportance in Proprioceptive Therapy

Note the forward postural shift using worn shoes with the proprioceptive insoles 


The above animations visually demonstrate the impact incorrect shoes have on the proprioceptive insoles (they diminish the insoles effectiveness in realigning the posture and attenuating the patient's chronic pain).  

Correct Shoes - proprioceptive insoles inside shoes

  • Note the position of the innominates (lower black arrow)
  • Note that the auricle (ear) is directly over the lateral malleolus (upper black arrow)

Incorrect Shoes - proprioceptive insoles inside shoes

  • Anterior (forward) rotation of the innominates
  • Forward head shift (auricle anterior to lateral malleolus)

Importance of Shoes in Proprioceptive Theapy

Shoes with uneven heel or sole wear patterns can distort the proprioceptive signal being sent to the cerebellum, resulting in postural distortions (See Animations Below).