Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

2.  Old / Worn Shoes diminish the effectiveness of the insoles

The same pair of proprioceptive insoles are inside both pair of shoes (old and new):

Note the change in position/twist of the left foot

  • Foot Twist increased in old shoes
  • Foot Twist diminished in new shoes

Shoes are one year old. The midsoles are medially compressed.  

Note the increase in the left foot twist (pronation) when proprioceptive insoles are worn inside the old shoes.

Unstable/Unevenly Worn Shoes - Change Gait

Unevenly worn heels and soles (in shoes) can dramatically decrease the effectiveness of Proprioceptive Insoles and, in some cases, may actually cause the insoles to dysfunction and increase the patient's symptoms.

1.  Old / Worn Shoes distort the proprioceptive signal to the cerebellum (brain), which can increased foot twist