Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles


Change in Signal Strength to the Cerebellum resulted in an:

  • Elimination of the Forward Body Sway Pattern - Ear directly over the lateral malleolus
  • Immediate reduction in the patient's musculoskeletal pain.  

Note the unconscious change in the patient's countenance.

Key factors in determining when the signal strength needs to be changed

  • Patient's weekly pain profile updates 
  • Results of computer postural analyses

First Series (SI) proprioceptive insoles.  Note the partial correction in this patient's posture.

Below are comments from the patient before therapy was begun.

Thank you 

I'm just frustrated no one has any answers the head autonomic neuro at Cleveland clinic believes it is a small fiber neuropathy that was triggered from an autoimmune response but all labs for autoimmune were negative only thing that shows up is low dopamine and epinephrine which could just be from the chronic pain or something neurological.  

Basically now my core, psoas quads adductors and gluts are a 3/5 and pelvic floor is a 2/10 at best strength wise at best but EMG are negative.  With pelvic floor so weak my SI joints are popping every step and multifidus muscles in back are not firing due to the pelvic floor.  I personally believe it had caused a form of sensory ataxia.  

When I'm in shower with hot water muscle strength returns but I'm completely bent forward with a severe posterior pelvic tilt and I have no extension at hips or lower back obviously body is keeping me from stretching those nerves 

I finally talked my main uro guy in Florida to remove the worst testicle and laparoscopically remove iliohypogastric and genitofemoral on that side.  He refuses to do ilioinguinal because he has had some really bad results with other patients causing core muscle atrophy. 

I will type something up and send you my lab results.  

MRI from head to toes were all negative minor disc dedication in neck only.  Interestingly acupuncture to the skull and upper cervical a month ago basically resulted in pelvic floor contraction that felt like a prostate exam and I had seminal fluid come out from just needles in the head!  Amazing how the nervous system works.  

I know your system can help if we can stop the neuro feedback loop because it did help balance pelvis then body completely rejected them and it actually crashed more after. 

The reversal of lordosis is what worries me, my old neuro teacher always said you can tell when someone is close to death when they lose the lordosis they are just falling forward into the grave.  

I appreciate all your help I've tried getting a few difficult patients with preclinical club feet to email you.  Basically the entire core and midline of body has shut off and getting severe contractions of tfl it I believe they are doing it to hold hips in socket.  At times I wish I didn't know anything about biomechanics and the human body it makes it worse knowing how everything is shutting down

Changing global postural alignment by via reprogramming the cerebellum, done in stages (incrementally).  Otherwise, unpleasant side effects may occur which can interfere or subterfuge the proprioceptive therapy.


Results of computerized postural analyses determine the type and strength of the signal in the patient's Series I proprioceptive insoles (See Animation A below).  

Immediate automatic improvement in the patient's plane postural alignment:

  • A decrease in the forward body sway pattern
  • Immediate attenuation of chronic musculoskeletal pain

PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity

Series Therapy - Reprogramming the Cerebellum

For approximately four months the patient reported a continuous improvement (decrease) in musculoskeletal pain.  

Then, abruptly, no further improvement was reported and pain symptoms increased. 

This is a key indication (sign) that the signal to the cerebellum requires recalibration.