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Cobb's Measurement decreased 12 degrees (55º to 43º)


   Gabos PG, Bojescul JA, Major MD, et al 2004. Long Term Follow-up Female Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis Treated with the Wilmington Orthosis. Jour Bone Joint Surg (Amer); 86:1891-1899.

Reversing Kyphotic Curves using Proprioceptive Therapy 

A Case Study

While back braces (e.g., Wilmington back brace) are notorious for the patient losing their kyphotic correction once the brace is removed (Gabos et al JBJS 2004), this patient is still maintaining her correction 5 years after therapy was completed

Xrays and photos were taken of the patient at the hospital before the start of therapy (See X-ray, Report above and Photo below).

One year into proprioceptive therapy,Xrays and photos were again taken at the hospital (See X-ray, Report and Photo below).

This case was sent to me by an orthopedic group in Cyprus.

The patient was diagnosed as having a kyphotic curve secondary to Rothbarts Foot. The orthopedic surgeon decided against surgical intervention and elected proprioceptive therapy.