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The pudendal nerve arises from the ventral branches of the vental rami S2, S3, and S4.  It enters the gluteal region through the inferior medial part of the greater sciatic foramen, between the piriformis and sacrospinous ligament.  The dorsal nerves of the penis or clitoris branch off the pudendal nerve. 

  • Nutation (anterior rotation) of the sacrum can place the Piriformis Muscle (PM) on a stretch while concurrently tightening the Sacrospinous Ligament. 
  • This places the penal or clitoral nerve at risk of being mechanically 'sandwiched' (See Black Arrow ) between the stretched muscle and ligament, which in turn, can lead to the sexual dysfunctions and/or incontinence described by Clair Davies and Jacque Beco.

Pudendal Syndrome

Easily misdiagnosed as severe sciatica requiring immediate surgical intervention​​