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Pure Ascending Distortion Postural Pattern

​Gravity Drive Pronation

Kyphotic Postural Pattern 

Pronation Pattern:  Right Foot > Left Foot

  • Right Innominate more anteriorly (externally) rotated relative to left innominate
  • Right Temporal Bone more posteriorly (externally) rotated relative to the left temporal bone
  • Sphenoid in flexion and side bent (pupils unlevel)
  • Class II Occlusion (See Animation Below)

The mirror image of the above when the pronation pattern is Left Foot > Right Foot

Class II Malocclusion

Posture (Updated July 2019)

Pure Ascending Distortion Pattern


A postural pattern that is being driven entirely by foot pathomechanics.

The postural distortion pattern is predictable and non-skewed (absence of a descending postural distortion pattern)

Pure Ascending Non-Distortion Postural Pattern

Hip Drive Pronation (No structural alterations in the feet)

Ideal Postural Pattern

​Pronation Pattern:  Right Foot = Left Foot

  • ​Innominates in their anatomical neutral position (pelvis is level)
  • Temporal Bones in their anatomical neutral position (ears are symmetrical. e.g., no flaring)
  • The sphenoid bone is level (pupils are level)