Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is based on an extension of Wolff's Law: Function follows Form

By Improving Form (posture), function (holistic health of the body) automatically improves (e.g., the body heals itself):

  • Attenuation of Chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Decreased Neurophysiological symptoms
  • Improved visceral function
  • Improved CNS function

Postural Improvement resulting from Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

Above postural photos are one example of the postural shifts obtained using Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy:

  • Genu hyperextension eliminated
  • Pelvis stabilized (anterior innominate rotation reversed), stabilizing spinal curves (e.g., lordosis reversed)
  • Pelvic core muscles engaged
  • Shoulders retracted (decompressing the thoracic cavity and thoracic outlet)
  • Forward Head Position reversed (decompressing vertebral arteries, increasing cerebral oxygenation)