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Maintenance therapy is usually required for up to four years after casting. This involves using a foot abduction splint.  

The reported rate of success is upwards of 95% if the casting and post splinting are applied correctly.

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is not indicated and should not be used when treating the Clubfoot Deformity.

Non-surgical treatment of the Clubfoot Deformity - The Ponseti Method

The Ponseti Method (named after Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, 1914 - 2009) advocates treating the Clubfoot Deformity with serial casts (See Photos below) starting within the first two to three months after birth.

Typically this incorporates a series of four to six casts over a period of one to two months to reposition and hold the foot in its correct position.  

In some cases, a microscopic incision into the Achilles tendon is required toward the end of the serial casting.

Serial Casting - Ponseti Method

Treating the Clubfoot Deformity

Corrected Clubfoot using Ponseti serial casts