Mechanical receptors buried in the plantar surfaces of the feet are activated while standing or walking (referred to as patterns of stimulation)

These patterns of stimulation are sent to the cerebellum

The cerebellum uses this information in determining the position of the body in space (e.g., its posture)

If these patterns of stimulation are distorted (as occurs with the Rothbarts Foot), the posture will be distorted (This subject is covered in detail - Forever Free From Chronic Pain, Chapter 3).

Activation (Stimulation) of Mechanical Receptors

Patterns of Stimulation

Plantargrade ("Normal") Foot

Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

The torsional patterns of stimulation, as occurs in Rothbarts Foot, result in a distorted posture and the ensuing chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Nomalizing the patterns of stimulation (using appropriate proprioceptive insoles), corrects the posture and attenuates/eliminates the associated chronic muscle and joint pain.

Note the patterns of stimulation are linear as oppose to torsional, as seen in Rothbarts Foot