Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

Occiput Locked in Extension

If the Occiput is Locked in Extension:

  • the Sacrum will Nutate 
  • Resulting in a Lordotic Spinal Curve

If the sacrum is maintained in nutation due to an occiput locked in extension, the locked occiput must be released (e.g., utilizing Cranial Sacral therapy).  If one tries to reduce the sacral nutation using only a proprioceptive insole, the therapy will fail and the nutation may actually increase (See Animation below).

The above patient has a mixed postural distortional pattern:

  • PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity 
  • Occiput locked in extension 

The proprioceptive insole decreases the forward lean (coming from the feet), but concurrently increases the sacral nutation (resulting from a Category II subluxation).

Hence to attenuate the above postural distortional pattern, one must utilize both proprioceptive  and cranial sacral therapy.  

It is important that the interventions be done serially (not concurrently).