Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

  • Anterior rotation of innominates  right > left
  • Functional leg length difference, right leg shorter
  • Standing, pelvis tilt (lower) on the right
  • Standing, left shoulder lower
  • Head tilt, if present, to the right
  • Posterior temporal rotation  right > left
  • Sphenoid torsion  right pupil higher than left pupil

Knee Bend Test

Diagnosing the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity

Pure Postural Distortion Pattern with an Abnormal Pronation Pattern of Right > Left

The Knee Bend Test - used in the Differential Diagnosis for the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity (PCFD)

Positive Knee Bend Test for PCFD

  • Both Feet Pronated with Knees Straight
  • Foot Pronation Increases with Knees Bent

Note difference in the inward rotation of the knees:  Right > Left