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Interested in providing a drug free, surgery free, permanent solution to help your patients in chronic musculoskeletal pain?

The International Academy of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy (IARPT) provides that solution.

The International Academy of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is the officially recognized body for training and certifying licensed health care practitioners in the use of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy (RPT).  It is the only academy where the level of competency in the use of RPT is certified and sanctioned by Professor/Doctor Brian A. Rothbart, the founder of this therapy.

IARPT was mandated to provide the necessary level of training to competently use RPT.  This competency can only be obtained by formal education at IARPT

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy effectively eliminates chronic musculoskeletal pain in patients with postural distortional patterns resulting from one of two embryological foot types.  However, each patient is different in their distorsional patterns, requirements for reversing their postural distortions and associated chronic pain issues.  For this reason, in order to gain expertise in treating patients with these complex problems, one must complete all four levels of certification.  Currently, only Professor Rothbart is sanctioned by the IARPT to teach Certification Courses in RPT.

IARPT offers an Introductory Seminar, four levels of Certification Courses and Teacher Credentialing.  The Introductory Seminar is a prerequisite for taking the Level I Certification Course.

Introductory Seminar   Power Point Presentation on DVD (home study)

  • Level I     Certification Course -  The PMS Foot Structure
  • Level II    Certification Course - Postural Distortions:  Ascending vs. Descending Patterns
  • Level III   Certification Course - The PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity
  • Level IV   Certification Course - Gait Analyses
  • Teacher  Certification

For information on course schedules, send your inquiry to:

A list of all healthcare practitioners who have completed their credential Certification Courses is maintained by IARPT. 

Send all inquiries regarding a practitioner's level of certification to IARPT<at>ProfessorRothbart<dot>com or use our contact page.

Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles


                            Norman Shealy MD, PhD

                                "Nobel Prize Material"

"This proprioceptive therapy discovered by Dr Rothbart to eliminate chronic musculoskeletal pain is Nobel Prize material!"

Norman Shealy MD, PhD