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Typical History of Symptoms in a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity Patient

Below is an email I received for a 27-year-old male (Gait Analysis) describing the pain he has been living with since the age of 12.  This history is typical of a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.

"Dear Professor Rothbart,

My pain is in various places and changes as time goes on.  At this moment, it is my low back and shoulder blade area.  But recently, it was in my hip.  I also get pain in my knees sometimes and my neck.

I've seen multiple chiropractors and bodyworkers. My first chiropractor just gave me a heel lift because he said one of my legs was shorter than the other. That was early when I was 12 or 13, before the pain became a real issue. I don't think it worked very well.

When I started seeing my next chiropractor the pain had started to become a serious problem. I was around 16. A bit before I started seeing him my pain had gotten so bad that I couldn't walk for a week and had to stay in bed because the pain in my hip was so bad. And there was no cause. And the doctors said I was fine.

I was also limping because my hip bones were out of alignment. This episode caused me to seriously look for someone who could help me. I found a new chiropractor and saw him 3 times a week for months. He would have me wear a brace around my hips and low back and he said I should do a lot of walking on soft, natural surfaces which I did diligently. He would also have my ice my hip multiple times a day. For a time he also had me wearing a brace around one of my calves. He also told me to sit as little as possible because he said that it put too much pressure on the hips. I tried my best. Towards the end of my therapy, he would put me in a stretching device whenever I saw him.

I was feeling a bit better but if I didn't see him for a week I would start limping again because my hips would get out of alignment, even while wearing my trusty hip brace which I wore all the time. Then I moved to L.A. so I had to see a new chiropractor.

This Chiropractor prescribed some stretches and exercises which I did quite diligently. I still had to see him every week or every other week and the pain and tightness would usually come back a day after being adjusted and get progressively worse until my next adjustment. And I would still have episodes where I overstrained my hip and wouldn't be able to walk for days because of the pain.

I saw this chiropractor for a couple of years and then I moved back to my home town.

It was around this time that I decided that I would get more aggressive about searching for solutions to my problem. I wouldn't let hopelessness discourage me and I would just try everything until I found a solution.

I started doing all the stretches that had been given to me over the years and decided I would start seeing different health professionals until I could find someone who could help me. I saw a chiropractor who off-handedly pointed out that the arch was quite collapsed on my left foot and a little collapsed on my right as well.

So I searched the internet for a way to strengthen foot arches and that search leads me to an article that mentioned posture control insoles. I did a search for posture control insoles and I ordered the insoles. I tried them and they worked miraculously.

I was convinced that I had finally found the solution to my seemingly insoluble problem. Things went very well for about a year until I started messing around with the insoles because they were hurting my toes. After that, I struggled for many months to get them to start working again but to no avail."

Note:  The generic proprioceptive insoles that Louis purchased from a manufacturer in Washington State were not designed to treat the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.