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Gravity Drive Pronation - Its' role in the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain

There are millions of nerve endings in the skin that cover the entire surface of the bottom of everyone’s feet and they are stimulated by touch.  These nerve endings are called mechanical receptors.  

As you stand and walk, certain parts of the bottom of the foot are constantly touching the ground.  The mechanical receptors that are touching the ground are being stimulated

When a group of mechanical receptors is simultaneously stimulated, they form a ‘pattern’.   For this reason, a group of mechanical receptors in stimulation is called a Pattern of Stimulation.

This pattern of stimulation changes from moment to moment, depending on where the mechanical receptors are being touched.  

Patterns of stimulation which are formed in the feet send a message (signals) to the brain.  These signals provide the brain with a picture of where the body is in space (its posture). 

Non-distorted patterns of stimulation are formed in Hip Drive Pronation.  These patterns send non-distorted signals to the brain. From the signals that it receives, the brainautomatically maintains good posture.  

My Research has shown that good posture translates to healthy muscles and joints.

Distorted patterns of stimulation are formed in Gravity Drive Pronation.  These patterns send distorted signals to the brain.  From the faulty signals that it receives, the brain automatically maintains a postural distortion pattern.  

My research has shown that a postural distortion pattern/bad posture translates to the development of chronic muscle and joint pain.

To read an in-depth discussion on the pathomechanics of Gravity Drive Pronation and its' role in the development of chronic muscle and joint pain, read Chapter 3 of my book, The Foot's Connection to Chronic Pain.

Gravity Drive

Linked to the Development of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

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