Frame 4 - Heel Lift (left foot) - pronation reduced (windlass mechanism engaged more effectively).  Excessive out-toeing  (right foot) eliminated.

Rothbarts Foot

Gait Analysis - With vs Without Proprioceptive Insoles

Frame 3 - Heel Lift (left foot) - white arrows point to abnormal pronation (windlass mechanism compromised) and excessive out-toeing (right foot)

Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

Severe Rothbarts Foot

Top - with Proprioceptive Insole

Bottom - without Proprioceptive Insole

  • Note the decrease in Gravity Drive Pronation at Foot Flat, Midstance and Heel Lift.
  • Note the dramatic decrease in whipping at Toe Off

Frame 1Midstance - white arrow points to abnormal pronation/foot twist (left foot).  Pronounced lateral right hip thrust and out-toeing (right foot). 

Without Proprioceptive Insoles

With Proprioceptive Insoles

Frame  2 -  Midstance - Abnormal pronation reduced (white arrow left foot). Lateral hip trust stabilized.  No longer visible (right foot)