Dx:  Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (aka Rothbarts Foot)  PMSv = 12mm

  • 9.5mm Insole Increased the Midstance Pronation (See Right Photo)
  • Signal was too strong, adjusted to 4.5mm

Dx:  Primus Metatarsus Supinatus  PMSv = 11mm

  • 4.5mm insoles decreased the left midstance pronation

Gait Analyses  (KBT can be used as an alternative tool)

An Effective Tool in Determining the Effectiveness or Appropriateness of the Prescribed Insole

Dx:  PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity  PMSv = 16mm

  • Insole decreased the right midstance pronation

Dx:  Primus Metatarsus Supinatus  PMSv =9mms

  • 2.0mm Insole - No change in Late Midstance Pronation
  • Signal was too weak, increaed to 5.5mm

Effective/Appropriate Insoles  vs  Ineffective/Inappropriate Insoles

Dx:  Primus Metatarsus Supinatus  PMSv = 13mm

  • 6mm Insole
  • What do you think?

Dx:  PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity  PMSv = 18mm

  • Insole decreased the foot flat abnormal pronation