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Cranial Homeostasis (Mechanics)  and Resulting Descending Postural Pattern

Cranial (Sphenoid) Pathomechananics - Pure Descending Postural Distortion Patterns

  • One foot pronated, the other foot supinated is pathognomic of a Descending Postural Distortion Patterrn

(1) Left Sphenoid Torsion ( left pupil lower than right pupil)

  • Rotates occiput into a right torsion
  • Spinal fascia (dura) twists
  • Pelvis unlevels (tilts right)
  • Functional long right leg
  • Standing:  Right foot pronated, Left foot supinated‚Äč

Cranial Mechanics in Homeostasis

  • No Cranial Imbalances or Torsions
  • No Abnormal torsion on the dural meninges
  • No alteration in pelvic mechanics - pelvis is level (legs are level)
  • No alteration in foot mechanics

(2)  Right Sphenoid Torsion (right pupil lower than left pupil)

       Mirror image of the Left Sphenoid Torsion

  • Rotates occiput into a left torsion
  • Spinal fascia (dura) twists
  • Pelvis unlevels (tilts left)
  • Functional long left leg
  • Standing:  Left foot pronated, Right foot supinated

Cranial Mechanics

Example:  Head trauma resulting in a Sphenoid Torsion