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"Back Pain, The Dangers of Surgery: What Doctors Don't Tell You." Health World, Volume 4, Issue 8, 25 July 2008.

Surgery on any jointss (including the feet) is counterindicated if the underlying cause of the chronic pain is not known or is not addressed:  

  • If surgery is done when the source of the pain is not known, the source of the problem will not be eliminated. 
  • The surgery can be painful, costly and potentially dangerous (Health World, 2008).  
  • After the surgery, the chronic pain usually returns or becomes worse."

The Houston Rockets are counting on an innovative and complicated surgical procedure to repair the hairline fracture in Yao Ming’s left foot.  

They hope it will create a base of support for his 7-foot, 6-inch frame that will withstand the unprecedented pounding Ming’s body takes every time he mounts the basketball court.  

However, privately the Houston officials have grave doubts that Ming will ever be sturdy enough again to play professional basketball.


Yao Ming

This commentary was written before Ming announced his retirement

This is truly a tragedy, for as the global games goes, Ming is basketball’s most important player since Michael Jordan.  He is the reason that China has become enamored with the National Basketball Association.  He is the reason why American players were treated like rock stars in the Beijing Olympics.  He is regarded by many as the ‘Icon’ of professional basketball.

After watching a video and studying many photographs of Ming, I doubt he will ever recover from his reconstructive foot surgery unless they address the underlying cause that led to his debilitating foot injury, which I believe is: a Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (Rothbarts) Foot.  

Unfortunately, to date, the Houston Rocket's management maybe totally unaware of Ming’s embryological foot structure and the impact it has on his skeletal framework.  And Ming is just another, of a long list of elite professional players, whose careers have been cut short or severely compromised by the apparent foot structures they were born with:  Bill Walton, Micky Mantle and Tiger Woods just to name a few.  

Let’s hope that Ming will prove to be the exception and that he will overcome the destructive forces generated from his feet.  But the smart money is betting against this.  And without addressing his apparent Rothbart’s Foot, one of the greatest players in NBA's history will abruptly and prematurely leave the sport in his prime. And what a needless shame that will be!

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