Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles


  • Right Latency, and resulting
  • Counter-clockwise Rotation

Can be the result of:

  • Ascending Postural Distortion Pattern (e.g., PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity or Rothbarts Foot
  • Descending Postural Distortion Pattern ( e.g., Maxilla Yaw)

Distortion Pattern:

Head rotation to the left is increased.  Head rotation to the right is decreased.

  • The Oblique Capitis Superior becomes elongated and inflamed at the lateral half of the inferior nucheal line of the occipital bone
  • The Oblique Capitis Inferior becomes contracted and tight
  • The Rectus Capitus Posterior Minor becomes elongated and inflamed at the medial half of the inferior nucheal line of the occipital bone.

Clinical Symptoms:

  • Crepitation during head extension and/or head rotation
  • Protuberance and tenderness of the transverse spinal process (left side of neck)
  • Mild to severe tenderness along the nucheal line
  • Headaches which can be severe and debilitating
  • Tension and irritation in the jaws emulating temporal mandibular joint dysfunction

Atlas Latency  - Frontal Plane Distortion

Transverse Plane Rotational Distortion