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(2)  Pure Descending Postural Distortional Pattern seen in a C1 Roll left


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Atlas Laterality - Roll of the Atlas/C1 Vertebrae

Dental Implications:  

Distortions in the position of the maxilla (e.g., malocclusions) can result in a Laterality (Roll) of the Atlas (C1)

When the Maxilla is in a rolled position (deviated on the frontal plane):

  • The Atlas Rolls (Attilio)
  • The Axis distortion destabilizes the entire spine (increased scoliotic and kyphotic curves (Korbmacher et al)  Note: My current research suggests that frontal plane distortions in the Atlas (e.g. an Atlas Roll) only destabilizes the spine in the frontal plane (e.g., augmenting the scoliotic curves).
  • The distortions in the spinal curves destabilize the pelvis in both the frontal (rolls) and transverse planes (yaws) (Seemann)  Note: My current research suggests that frontal plane distortions in the spinal cord only distort the pelvis in the frontal plane (e.g., pelvic tilt).
  • The tilt (unleveling) in the pelvis can result in medial knee pain (at the level of the pes anseranus) and lateral ankle pain (peroneal muscles)
  • If the Atlas Roll is severe enough, it can result in symptoms similar to those seen in degenerative neurological disorders (Thomas and Wood, 1992, Case History).

C1 Roll Left  Descending Pattern

  • Head Tilt Left
  • Tight Right Neck Muscles
  • Right Right Rhomboides
  • Pelvic Tilt Left (High Right Pelvic Rim)
  • Long Right Arm
  • Tight Right Hamstrings (painful pes anseranus)
  • Tight Right Gastrocnemius and Soleus
  • Short Right Leg

C1 Roll Right Descending Pattern

  • Head Tilt Right
  • Tight Left Neck Muscles
  • Tight Left Rhomboids
  • Pelvic Tilt Right (High Left Pelvic Rim)
  • Long Left Arm
  • Tight Left Hamstrings (painful pes anseranus)
  • Tight Left Gastrocnemius and Soleus
  • Short Left Leg

Atlas Laterality is a frontal plane rotation (roll) of the C1 Vertebrae

(See Animation Below)

(1)  Pure Descending Postural Distortional Pattern seen in a C1 Roll right

Left Head Tilt resulting from a Left Laterality
(Roll/Frontal Plane Rotation) of the Atlas.