Inventor and Designer of Postural Control Insoles

Sagittal Plane Postural Analysis

Ascending Postural Distortion Pattern

  • Gravity drive (abnormal) right foot pronation
  • Drives the right innominate into the anterior rotation, which
  • Drives the right temporal bone into posterior (external) rotation (clinically observed as a decrease in the Facial Vertical height (Rothbart 2008)

Coupling of Temporal / Sphenoid  

  • When Temporal Bones are Posteriorly (externally) Rotated
  • Sphenoid is Flexed, Long and Narrow cranium (see Photo above)

     Rothbart BA 2008.  Vertical Facial Dimensions Linked to Abnormal Foot Motion. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 98(3):01-08, May.

Ascending (Pure) Postural Distortion Pattern -Update August 2, 2019